Business Programs

During the last years, business programs have assumed great importance regarding to corporate development.

This type of service will be planned together with the client and depending on the purposes of the company.

The following are some of our services:

Congresses and Conventions

We provide logistics to organize this kind of events in Salta City. It includes tours not only for participants but also for their companions.

Business Meetings

We organize business meetings, outside the usual working environment, where the natural surroundings create a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

Our high-quality services include tourist, entertaining and social activities.

Incentive Trips

if your company recognizes the performance, dedication, productivity, self-improvement of its human resource, it will encourage those employees who reach the business goals. A way to do this is to provide pleasure trips with the highest standards of quality and comfort, which include programs adjusted to their personal interests.

Outdoor Training

This encourages confidence and commitment and improves individual and group performance. Through our programs, it is possible to improve communication and coordination, face difficult situations, establish common goals and build up self-esteem. The programs also include reflective meetings leaded by professionals.

Team Building

The purpose of these programs is to strengthen the interpersonal relationships of work teams, in order to make them more efficient within the business environment. This type of trip is a very useful tool because games, sports, and outdoor activities promote risk taking, team work, challenge facing, etc.